Saturday, April 17, 2010

After the Easter egg hunt was over, Mickie & Brandyn needed to go back to Lowe's for a part for their new dishwasher. Payson didn't want to go so he came to our place. Talan on the other hand wouldn't leave his Dad's side. He had really missed him while he was working in Casper and it felt SOOO good to have his Daddy home. I love how he is Brandyn's shawdow. It's pretty dang cute. Anyway, Pays came to our place and I decided we needed some easter colored eggs. Even though no one really eats them. Not after I tried to poison Rick & Shawn one year...(now that's another story for another time-and probably not in writing!) So Pays colored them, then Talan decorated them with stickers when he came over. We need to plan that tradition just a bit better next year. We need to have all the kiddos together doing that!

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