Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter afternoon was a blast. One of Shawn's Bishop from his mission was here for General Conference with his family. So Shawn asked if we could include their family in our celebration. I was excited! I love meeting the people that loved my boys while they served the Lord. This Bishop speaks english, along with his sister and brother in law who also joined us. However, his wife and 2 children did not. That made things interesting, but none the less it was fun to visit with them and include them in an "American" celebration. We had the festive ham and potatoes dinner, along with the easter basket and egg hunt. All the kids enjoyed it! Shawn told me they had two girls, but found out in time thankfully that indeed their youngest was a BOY. Oh no, Easter bunny brought a PRETTY PONY DOLL! UGH! Shawn had to make a quick trip to the local Walmart to save that mess, but all ended up perfect. I can understand why Shawn loved this family, who wouldn't! And I can see why he's on his 6th year I think he said of being Bishop. Wow...that must be hard. His sister Lily that also joined us lives in American Fork and feels very lonely for family. I told her to come to us as often as she would like!
The picture of my legg with papers on it tells us "It's a Boy!" (it's impossible to read) These cut out letters were in several easter eggs of their own for Mick & Brandyn's announcement of what they are having! I just knew it was a Girl!

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