Sunday, October 14, 2012

So ever since serving with Tina Roth in the Relief Soceity Presidency, she has been encouraging me to start running. I have NEVER been a runner, but it has sparked an interest this past year. So, I finally decided to try it. In talking about it at work amongst some friends, my team leader Stephanie West told me about an APP that you can download on your Ipod or phone and it helps you to train. So I started it...It's called couch to 5K in 8 weeks. I started running at the gym, but then when I moved outside, wow...what a difference. Chris said, if you're going to run a 5K Mom, train like you plan on I moved it outside. I'm not gonna lie, I have felt like a trailer was attached to my behind! I wondered and still do, when will it stop hurting...but I have found it's so exhilarating and moving to accomplish even the smallest goal in the run. It's a race with myself, no one else matters! The running community is awesome. So supportive, no matter what level you are. I have run two, the Taylorsville Days and one that Stix helped put together for a fund raiser for a fellow fire fighter who was hurt badly on a motor cross deal. Brandyn ran the Tville Dayzz one with me...or rather he ran it. He started to hang back with me and I asked him what he was doing, told him to get on with the run...don't stay with me! The fire fighter one was was tough! Fewer people so it was hard to get lost in the crowd. It was clear where I stood in the time....close to dead last! That was a little embarrassing, but I got over it. And Sue, she's amazing, what a friend to hold back with me. She had a bum knee she was nursing, but I know she didn't need to go my slow speed, but she did. I intend on continuing, but man it's hard. Time is so scarce on when I can run! I love how I feel though and it beats the routine at the gym...I was SO BORED! now, I just want to prepare to run more and faster next year!
Soooo, It's October...and I had a goal of writing every month on this blog...hmmm. pretty much failed that little attempt! Man, where do you begin when your 6 months behind! Probably a picture overload! Here goes...
Our Pres bug turned 3 on June 18th. We celebrated on a windy afternood at the splash park near their house. It's always a great time gathering with the gang. We enjoy Mick and Brandyn's friends and family and love whatever competitive things come our way. A game of kick ball was initiated and the kids had a great time. Opening presents, we received the good news of a new little one joining our family. SO COOL! Shawn & Ang have held true to their 5 year plan and it's finally here. They will begin adding to our family tree! We can't wait! They sent us a picture via text on Labor Day week-end of them sitting on a beach at Newport, with the words written in the sand, It's a girl! (can't find the pic in my file-urrrr!) She will arrive sometime in February, around Valentine's day. What a Sweetheart gift uh! Ang is busy in dental hygiene school and will have boards in December. She has A LOT on her plate. I admire her for all that she's working for! Shawn works full time and still coaches soccer that he LOVEs. He sacrifices many hours and evenings in the soccer world's behalf. Ang is so supportive of all the soccer that Shawn lives and coaches! They both will make amazing parents and we can't wait to watch their faces as this little one takes hold of their hearts even more than she already has!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend....Traditional kick off to summer! Kind of a cold, rainy weekend, and I worked on! But we sqooze in some base ball and had the kids over for dinner and a fire to make smores! It was a good time! As usual, I struggle staying home on the holidays...I was raised camping on holidays and I have always hated not going anywhere. I'm a grump when we don't go somewhere! I miss camping. I miss boating! Our wave runners have not been in the water for 2 years. We decided we're going to get them out this year. So far, they are out of the tent and ready to be hooked up to the truck to be power washed! They are so Dirty! Unfortunately they need two new batteries and I have not licensed them for two years we need about $400 to get them ready for the water, not counting the gas it will cost! SIGH! Considering selling them as the kids just don't seem interested in them. They are hard for our large family with small kids. Rick & I can't take them out alone, as Rick needs an additional person for muscle...sorry, not much help in that area. If I thought that we could sell them and get enough for a trailer, then maybe I would be more willing. Aweee...we had so much fun! Anyway, we did enjoy the time together playing in the back yard on Sunday. Saturday, we watched Payson play ball in Provo, and then stopped at Mom & Dad's grave. We took a plant by and cleaned up a few weeds. I wish we would have included a flower holder with the headstone. I had my camera, but the battery was dead, so I couldn't get a picture. It was the first time I had seen it completed with Mom's dates on it. It looks nice. I told Mick we could go back out there. They have really been on my mind lately. I miss them. I'm thankful that they are no longer here suffering, but I miss them and the influence they were in my life. I'm so grateful that I KNOW that they are happy and well and that I will see them again. I just wish I knew what exactly goes on in the Spirit World...I know we continue, but how is it all organized, what do they do daily? Details that I will never know until I'm there I guess. I tell Rick all the time, that I would love to get a peek on the other side! He just answers, please don't, that means I won't have you here! Sunday, after church, Chris left, didn't really say where he was going...normal. Then he called and wanted to know where Rick's sister's grave was, he couldn't find it. I tried to describe where he should go, and finally told him we would come show him. He was off in the lower corner, away from her. I thought I would go right to it, but was off by a took us a minute but we found it. Chris said, he didn't figure anyone would go see her, so he would. We usually do, and I had planned to, but hadn't gotten to it yet. I wonder what her life would have been? I know she is happy and well and I look forward to the time her & I can be friends!

Monday, April 30, 2012

30 years ago today, about this time of night actually, Rick & I were given one of our first best gifts ever...our daughter Mick! I will NEVER forget that night. Rick was sure we were having a boy! There was actually no discussion of the possibility of a girl. (Those were the days of no ultra sounds...only if you were having some kind of medical issue-so the sex was a surprise to ALL!) And what a surprise it was...and boy did she ever have her Daddy wrapped around that little finger from the second she entered this world! He could not stop talking about what a beauty or an angel that she was! We feel so blessed to have her in our life. Mick has developed into this wonderful woman, wife, mother and one of our best friends! We love watching the little family that she and Brandyn have developed into. They are amazing and we love them! For her 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special! I REALLY wanted to escape out of town with her and Angela, but time and money just didn't allow that, so instead, I pretty much demanded the day with her. I sort of asked, and Brandyn was a good sport and let us have the day together. Thanks B! It was a fun day. I picked her up about 10 am and we had an appointment for a pedicure....except the place was not open yet...good thing there's a zillion other places to choose from! So we drove about a mile away and both received the nice treatment that we love to hate! Both of us are ticklish and cringe and some of the clipping and filing, but after...aweeee...feels so good! Then we had about an hour to kill so I gave her her gift certificate to Tai Pan! I had won the 1st wins prize at Bunco and also was given a free additional $15 for spending so much there, so that was an easy gift to share! She bought a purse. She's a purse nut and I could actually go shopping at her left over used purses and be perfectly fine! I probably have once or twice actually! Then we went to Ultra, a makeup and hair salon treatment store. I had never heard about it, but when I was talking to the girls at work about how I wanted to spend the day trying to get freebies for her birthday, my friend Cami told me a free eye brow waxing is offered there, so I looked them up and sure enough it was the deal! Mick had just told me how she wants to do something with her eyebrows so this turned out perfect. While the girl was working on Mick, as we talked, we learned she is Mickie's neighbor's sister. Small world uh! Afterward we went to Olive Garden, one of Mick's favorite place's to eat! She had a salad...bean pole herself and I had the soup & salad. I love that there! Then we went to the mall. Shawn & Ang gave her a gift certificate to H&M and Rick had added $50 to my wad to add to our day! She bought 2 tops at Baum and a couple of tops at H&M...before we knew it, it was 4 PM and they had to head out to Alpine for baseball. It was a great fun day! We need to stop and slow down more often and do things like that together more often!

She's 4!

Kallie turned 4 on 4-27-2012. Chris threw Kal another Princess bash at the church with the big obtacle, giant slide bounce house. It was great fun! We spent time jumping and sliding and even some mean games of lightening on the basketball court! Our family, Tyson & Ashley, several of Payson & Talan's friend's from baseball, Matt & Diana Tallman, Mark & Natalie Davis, Braden Rindlesbacher, and Ashley, Cameron, and Bryson & Lauren and of course Chris's new interest...Big Al...weird Al...crazy Al....AKA...Alex...and her family even joined in our celebration! This seems like it could be a great family tradition to celebrate her day! What girl doesn't enjoy the biggest bounce house available along with the many friends and family to enjoy it with her. I attempted to make a Rapunzel cake....ended up looking just like an everyday barbie cake, but hey....not bad for a first timer!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preslie BuG is my little buddy! She's all about the sleep overs and I love that. The boys are getting more and more into their friends and we're not so cool anymore...makes me sad! But I'm glad they have friends they have fun with! I've noticed that Preslie has been a little bit jealous lately. I pick Kallie up and she gets to go home with Grandma...she's not to sure about that. I told her we could have a sleep over on my next day off, that was last Saturday. We picked her up Saturday afternoon, went to the mall for lunch, let her play at dinasaur land and then she said she wanted to go play at Grandma's house. Okay...let's go! We played babies, colored a tshirt,had several full on conversations on the play phones with several people. She's such a minny Mickie! Takes me back a bit! She combed Grandma's hair-put in beautiful ponies, played barbies, and cuddled a whole bunch! I love that girl! Her and Kallie had fun jumping around in Kallie's bed, and Preslie LOVEs hiding from the camera! She went to church with us and talked all about going to class, but the screaming baby was a definite detour from that idea. She wouldn't have any part of it. She played quietly with Tina and I in Relief Society and played with my books in Sunday School. It was long for her. I wish she would have gone to class, so she would remember it as a fun place to be.....maybe next time!