Monday, April 30, 2012

30 years ago today, about this time of night actually, Rick & I were given one of our first best gifts ever...our daughter Mick! I will NEVER forget that night. Rick was sure we were having a boy! There was actually no discussion of the possibility of a girl. (Those were the days of no ultra sounds...only if you were having some kind of medical issue-so the sex was a surprise to ALL!) And what a surprise it was...and boy did she ever have her Daddy wrapped around that little finger from the second she entered this world! He could not stop talking about what a beauty or an angel that she was! We feel so blessed to have her in our life. Mick has developed into this wonderful woman, wife, mother and one of our best friends! We love watching the little family that she and Brandyn have developed into. They are amazing and we love them! For her 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special! I REALLY wanted to escape out of town with her and Angela, but time and money just didn't allow that, so instead, I pretty much demanded the day with her. I sort of asked, and Brandyn was a good sport and let us have the day together. Thanks B! It was a fun day. I picked her up about 10 am and we had an appointment for a pedicure....except the place was not open yet...good thing there's a zillion other places to choose from! So we drove about a mile away and both received the nice treatment that we love to hate! Both of us are ticklish and cringe and some of the clipping and filing, but after...aweeee...feels so good! Then we had about an hour to kill so I gave her her gift certificate to Tai Pan! I had won the 1st wins prize at Bunco and also was given a free additional $15 for spending so much there, so that was an easy gift to share! She bought a purse. She's a purse nut and I could actually go shopping at her left over used purses and be perfectly fine! I probably have once or twice actually! Then we went to Ultra, a makeup and hair salon treatment store. I had never heard about it, but when I was talking to the girls at work about how I wanted to spend the day trying to get freebies for her birthday, my friend Cami told me a free eye brow waxing is offered there, so I looked them up and sure enough it was the deal! Mick had just told me how she wants to do something with her eyebrows so this turned out perfect. While the girl was working on Mick, as we talked, we learned she is Mickie's neighbor's sister. Small world uh! Afterward we went to Olive Garden, one of Mick's favorite place's to eat! She had a salad...bean pole herself and I had the soup & salad. I love that there! Then we went to the mall. Shawn & Ang gave her a gift certificate to H&M and Rick had added $50 to my wad to add to our day! She bought 2 tops at Baum and a couple of tops at H&M...before we knew it, it was 4 PM and they had to head out to Alpine for baseball. It was a great fun day! We need to stop and slow down more often and do things like that together more often!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Glad you could spend that time together. Daughters are the best!