Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soooo, It's October...and I had a goal of writing every month on this blog...hmmm. pretty much failed that little attempt! Man, where do you begin when your 6 months behind! Probably a picture overload! Here goes...
Our Pres bug turned 3 on June 18th. We celebrated on a windy afternood at the splash park near their house. It's always a great time gathering with the gang. We enjoy Mick and Brandyn's friends and family and love whatever competitive things come our way. A game of kick ball was initiated and the kids had a great time. Opening presents, we received the good news of a new little one joining our family. SO COOL! Shawn & Ang have held true to their 5 year plan and it's finally here. They will begin adding to our family tree! We can't wait! They sent us a picture via text on Labor Day week-end of them sitting on a beach at Newport, with the words written in the sand, It's a girl! (can't find the pic in my file-urrrr!) She will arrive sometime in February, around Valentine's day. What a Sweetheart gift uh! Ang is busy in dental hygiene school and will have boards in December. She has A LOT on her plate. I admire her for all that she's working for! Shawn works full time and still coaches soccer that he LOVEs. He sacrifices many hours and evenings in the soccer world's behalf. Ang is so supportive of all the soccer that Shawn lives and coaches! They both will make amazing parents and we can't wait to watch their faces as this little one takes hold of their hearts even more than she already has!

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