Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I subbed for our Relief Society class for lesson one from the Prophet George Albert Smith hand book for this year. I put up the 11 creeds that he wrote as a young apostle to live by, and then asked the ladies to help me write our own. We're a new ward I said. What can we do as a whole to help us all become unified and one. It was a great lesson....one that I felt a privileged to facilitate. One that the Lord inspired, not me! That's what I love about this gospel! Feeling the blessings of doing our Father in Heaven's work! It's such an honor and is so humbling! I had asked several of my good friends of ideas of how to make this creed into something special. I asked Paula about stitching it, but as soon as it came out of my mouth I felt guilty. That would be so much! I sent cute Katie Henderson a text and asked her if she had an awesome idea of how to print this creed. She's one talented woman! And so so sweet to put it together for me!

It was pretty cool to listen and direct the discussion of how we can accomplish this! I love the ladies in our ward. So many to learn from!

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