Monday, March 14, 2011

Today was Gramma day for the little ones! Mick & Brandyn went to Brandyn's Grandpa's funeral and took Payson & Talan, but they figured the little ones would be too hard. I was happy to help. We just had a chillaxin day as the kids call it. Just hung at home cause the weather was kind of crappy. Spring is trying to come, but not fast enough! We have a zoo pass to put to use, come on with it already! Kallie and Preslie play pretty well together, but at the stage they have to have what the other one has. They are learning how to share, especially how to share Gramma. Hayden is growing so fast. He's rolling all over the place now. That in itself has made him so much happier. He would just roll from one side of the family room to the other today, over the top of legos, just looking at me, like umm...that doesn't feel very good, but wouldn't cry unless the couch was in his way. When he smiles, his whole body smiles-just can't seem to catch it on camera, the little stink! Preslie was pretty much attached to my leg the whole day. Kallie & Hayden took a long nap and Preslie had me all to her self for a while. She was a happy camper about that and would not let me do any chore around the house, only if she was part of it! Tried to get her to nap with Beauty & the Beast, but no go...but we had fun playing blocks, combing my hair, feeding her baby and reading books. She LOVES the photo books that Mick has given us for the past two Christmas. Mick & Brandyn came by later after they were all done with Brandyn's family stuff. All the kids played outside with Grandma for a few. Pays beat me at basketball by 2, we played duck duck goose on the tramp with the little ones, and then it was time to go! It felt good to be outside in the sunshine even if it was for a short time. I love playing with all the kids! Feel especially blessed to have one of them right here under our roof. I've even become special to her now...for a while, I was just not cool to her! But now we're buddies!

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