Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009
It was an honor for Mickie and Brandyn to ask Rick to bless our little Preslie. It was a special day! Grandpa blessed her to continue to grow healthy and strong, to always know of all the love that surrounds her in her family and thanked them for the honor to give her a blessing. It was a short, simple blessing where her Grandpa's emotions were closer to the surface more than he cared to let known. Many more thoughts going through Grandpa and Grandma's mind, but the emotions would not allow it. No matter..our Heavenly Father is very aware of that sweet spirit they held in that sacred priesthood circle. I'm so grateful for a strong man who loves his Father in Heaven and honor's his priesthood. How lucky my family is to have him at our Head! I hope my Children really "GET IT"! I pray that they do!

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