Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Memorial Day itself was spent up at Uncle Leo's for his memorial. It still doesn't seem real that he's gone. He sure brings a smile to my face with many fond and fun memories! When we arrived at his place, as I got out of the car ane walked onto his property, my emotions took over. It just wasn't right that he wasn't on that porch to greet me. The emotions really took me by surprise..I don't know why...they just did. I love the times we have spent up there. He was so good to all of us and made every person he met feel loved and welcome! His hobby was making friends, and that he did. There were so many people there to honor and respect the man we all love! It was good for Dad to be there with his friends from Yuma! He really looked forward to that day and enjoyed the social circle that he has missed so much!

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