Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet High School days!

So tonight was sooo fun! Tanya, my best friend from high school called a couple of weeks ago because her and her sweet new hubbie need some electrical done. We stopped by tonight to check the job out and spent several hours with them as they treated us to dinner after the "shop talk". It was so fun to giggle and laugh with her like we did so many years ago. We have kept in touch over the years, but life has taken us on our own separate journey's so we haven't visited much in a LONG time! She hasn't changed. She's joyful, bubbly and just plain fun to be around. That's why we had sooo much fun together back in the day! We weren't all trouble....just mostly! Rick went to school with Steve, her husband so they had a little bit to catch up on as well. Good thing, cause Tanya & I didn't give them much to jump in on! I'm so happy for her new life and hope that we can have the opportunity to share some fun times together with them in the near future! Forever friends are truely was if we hadn't missed a much more to catch up on and I can't wait!
Can you guess who's who here....
Tanya is #57 and I'm #43


  1. I found yooouuuuu!

    Where did you get that picture and what the heck is up with my HAIR?!?!?

    Hey it was great to see you last night. Thank you Rick for being so willing to help us out. The moment you guys walked into my home my mind was filled with tons of memories. We certainly had some great fun "back in the days"
    I am excited to get reunited and catch up on what has been happening in your life for the past 30 years.....

    Hey, say hi to my good buddy BRAD. That was fun last night!
    Now I need to spend a few hours reading your blog to find out what my friend Stacey has been up to. Cute family! Darling grandkids!

    You can check out April's blog from the link on mine. I wrote a bit about Evan (my grandson) but she had more of the details on hers. Cute little guy :(

  2. I'm glad you found me cause I'm retarded and couldn't find you...i tried until after day I'll learn to go to bed early....
    driving home I too was going over every memory possible from over 30 years okay...WHAT...could it really be that long ago! I wish I could find the memories all wrapped up in a cool blog or know I had some...and this one is the ONLY one I could find...sorry!:) It made me laugh...check me out...matching earrings and necklace to play the ball game in...COMME ON! who was I kidding!
    can't wait to play more and catch up...loved your blog and yes...i spent the last hour each of you have touched my heart! talk to you soon!

  3. i'm really retarded...thought I was responding to Tanya's blog....I need help!