Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas morn, we left Mick's to meet Linda at Mom's place. That way, she could see Mom for Christmas and then take Dad home, saving us another trip out there. She had Merrilee, Ashtyn, & Mindee with her. It was fun to see them, it's been entirely too long!
Mom was on one this day. Not in such a good mood. She was eating, or playing in her apple pie when we arrived. We allowed her to finish then took her back to her room to give her her gifts. She said "I don't want that, get that away from me as I pulled the quilt and clothes out of the box!" She has no idea what's she's saying or doing. She was ticked cause we took her back to her room I think and I closed the door to keep her in. She has become the little social butterfly there, tooling around in her chair, visiting others around her. One lady there, says, "does she REALLY have a George? Is he for real!" Yes Unice, he's for real! I answer. The visits each week are pretty much the same. She seems to have hit a plateau, not getting worse, but not getting better. She continues to loose weight each month and she can't possibly have any muscle left. She's had a weird color to her forehead, kind of like a bruise, but no bump...Mick says, Mom, her skin is dieing....just like the rest of her! Today she was real talkative about her Momma and Daddy. Says they can't seem to get something and she wonders if she ought to just quit!" Yes, Mom, it's okay to quit. Go with them I answer!
For Christmas we gave her clothes, she needs long pants that fit her, but it's frustrating cause they keep loosing them in the wash! Linda gave her some slippers too, but I'm not sure they will even have her wear them. I've decided the morning crew that dresses her can't read or speak english! So many times I will go there and Mom will be in her roommates clothes or shoes. And all her clothes, including the door to her closet are labeled with each of their names. Can't really be that hard can it! Today while visiting, her roommate Dena was lieing on her quilt I made her. Ticked me off! Is that bad? ..the aide told me she's had it for several days. I asked her to have it laundered and give it back to Mom...not that she'll know, but I do! Maybe I should make one for Dena too! Merry Christmas Mom, I love you. I hope you get to go HOME for Christmas! I mean that with all the love in my heart!

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