Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wow...what an awesome day! A beautiful November, fall day.
I started the day working :(...but that's okay..kept me occupied for the morning. I told my supervisor for the morning to please schedule me an hour off early this afternoon...just felt like I was needed to jump off something...he emailed me back and wondered if everything was okay!!!
As the day got closer and closer..a part of me kind of hoped the weather wouldn't hold out...I was getting nervous. But this morning...I wasn't. I was excited. Couldn't wait for it. Mickie and Brandyn picked up Rick to meet me up there cause there was no need for me to come back home and Shawn & Ang were coming from a baptism in Mid way! They really thought I would back out. Honestly, the more Shawn said that....the more I wanted to do it! I had posted the activity online on facebook so there was no backing out without looking like a fool. Driving up there by myself...I was so excited. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I arrived about 2:15 and our appointment was at 3...Rick, Mick, Brandyn,and the kids had been there for a few before me! I didn't really get nervous until I got off the freeway, driving toward the airport. But not the nervous that you want to run and hide...more anxious than anything. We just waited out front, took a few stops to the bathroom with the boys..and me! and before we knew it, it was time to walk through the hanger door. We walked into a playground for these jumping junkies. They were all gathered, busy doing whatever it is they do...get the chutes ready...shoot the bull...they have quite the set up out there. Something I would see on tv!
They had us sign the consent form...having to write out and not just initial the part that we understand the death is a possibility. This is the part where Shawn thought for sure I would back out. I just told him..I signed one of those papers each time I gave's going to take more than that to scare me!
Pretty soon..they were dressing us in the "Lovely" jump suits and fitting our helmets and such. The only training we had was to lay on this auto mechanics cart thing to show us how to lay in the air...CRAZY. the tandum dudes had hard helmets, we just had these leather things...Sam asked why and Derek just said it was better that they were consicious when we hit the ground..funny!
As we flew to 12,000 ft above ground we just enjoyed the scenic view. We could see pineview, all of ogden, into Cache county and the Mantua lake as well of the great salt lake of course. WOWSERS ! unreal. It all went WAY TOO FAST! we received some instructions on board as our tandum dudes cinched us to them. He described to me the feeling would be something I've never felt before..not like a roller coaster ride..just something of it's own. How right he was. It was surreal! IT was amazing! I don't even remember being upside down as in one of the first pictures..jumping out was a little over the top...sccoting to the door..almost like I wasn't even there...and then we were going down and I had to remember to breath. The pictures look like I'm puckering up for a kiss or something...nope...just trying to remember to breath...the cold air was the cause of that says Derek...or the fact that I just jumped from a plane! I knew we would free fall for about 60 seconds...we spum a little but it didn't make me feel sick...just trying to soak up what I was doing...SO FUN! then the shoot came the biggest swing ride you have ever had! Higher Daddy...higher...please...the funnest thing ever! Have I said that yet???
My tandum dude was so fun. Kind of a smarty pants, but loving his job and helping me to have a fun time as well. We did a big swoop do doop....and I said..hey...lets add some excitement in our lives...head for the freeway...but he wasn't game! J/ was so cool. and as I watch the video and the pictures...just can't stop smiling! WAY WAY FUN! I want to Go again! Thanks Sam for joining all you chicken's that wouldn't go....BLAH! You missed out on the funnest thing EVER!


  1. WHAT?!?!?!
    You went sky diving without me? That is SOOO much fun. Did you do it to celebrate your birthday? I just got back in town and decided to find out what all of my family and friends have been up to lately. Looks like you have been making some pretty awesome memories. Did Rick go with you? I have to call and catch up on what you have been doing lately besides jumping out of a completely perfect airplane. WHO DOES THAT ANYWAYS? I DO...I DO....I DO!
    We'll have to go some time together. It is such a RUSH! Your pictures turned out awesome! I will call you!
    Happy belated birthday - Is it on November 3rd or 2nd? I know it is around that time. Are you 50 years old now or is that next year. We are really getting up there in age. Hope your day was a happy one!

  2. Stacey you are the bravest person I know. How great you could celebrate this monumental birthday with a true leap of faith!