Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This past Friday was a Gramma & Grampa sleep over night! Yahoo! The kids love it and so do we! All the kids were over for awhile, but I find it very difficult to visit and entertain the kids all at the same time. My kids and Rick all seemed to have a great little visit as I did with the kids. We jumped on the tramp, we played a little bit of baseball and soccer, dug in the sand and the boys rode their bikes for a bit. We were all so tired by 9:30 and hit the tramp for one last sleep outside! Can't believe it's the end of SUMMER! UGH! I love this season and always feel a sort of sadness when it comes to an end! We watched the stars for a bit, trying to make the shapes out, but not really dark enough here in the city to see a whole lot! Saturday morning Discover Card was part of a fundraiser to walk for cure of juvenile diabetes at Wheeler Farm. I thought it would be fun to take the kids to all the little fun things offered there with this function! Mick was going to join us, but her and poor little Prelie are trying to figure out food allergies! They had a rough morning so it was me and the kids...Rick was on call! They had the big blow up slides, jump houses, climbing wall, petting zoo and free lunch. It was fun! We took a darling picture with baby goats, but I can't get my scanner to work...DANG IT~ anyway...it was a lot of fun and we were all wore out. The boys did not want me to take them home so I gave in as usual and they came home with me. I told them, gramma had some work to do..so playtime was on their own. They painted Christmas ornaments...played some more outside, and crashed and took a nap. I on the other hand put up some pears and tried to get some things ready for the family reunion the next day. As usual, ran out of daytime and into the night! I was exhausted! But I LOVE spending time with the kids! They are my little buddies. Today, I went out to Mick's for a little bit after work, Talan asked me if I worked tomorrow, he wanted to sleep over again! That does my heart good! I hope they always want to hang out here! Even when their big and too cool and stuff....:)
Talan says the funniest things! Saturday morning, bright and early at 630ish...he looked up in the sky and yelled, the stars are gone, the stars are gone gramma, we can get up now! Payson is a joy as well! He LOVES riding his bike and scooter. He loves to cuddle in the morning to watch TV, but then soon gets antsy and needs to get out there and play. He wanted to ride his bike at 7 am down towards the new friends he has made at the end of our circle! His front teeth have fallen out and he looks like a 6 year old! So fun to watch them make these changes. I love every little second I am with them! Kallie is a busy little thing who LOVES having the boys here. When their not here, she carries around Mickie's family picture I have on the book case. She likes to jump on the tramp, kick any ball like a soccer ball...(Chris eats this up!) and NEVER stops! People are always stopping to comment on how cute she is! Her curly hair is so fun to doll up and play with! Preslie is a joy to have and cuddle with, but too early to hang with Gramma by herself. She still needs her mamma for the nursing thing. She's growing so fast and has turned into a little chunk. Her Mom on the other hand is going to blow away in the wind on this diet she's on to figure out the food allergy. Mick's been a trooper. I would have given up the first day!


  1. I totally agree with Shawn and Ang! What lucky kids to have such an amazing grandma! Glad ( and jealous) you get to have such fun times together.