Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mom & Dad have been married today for 61 years! Their love for one another is so deep and solid, it's amazing to watch! Even in Mom's fragile state with her disease, she knows she LOVES this man. Dad is such a "prince" to her. He loves her so unconditionally and eternally! His heart is breaking as he watches her slip away! It is so touching to watch the two of them, but it makes my heart ache so much for Dad. Today we had a small celebration to honor the two of them. It was hard on Dad today. He broke down several times. I tried to get him to come to dinner at the house, but he wanted to be alone. It was hard leaving him today as we dropped him off after the visit! I can only imagine how his heart must ache each and every day! I want to fix it, but it is impossible.
My children find it hard to visit Grandma, she really doesn't recognize them any more. It's confusing to her to see them all grown up, in her mind they are young and at my feet still. (If only that were true! Just kidding....sort of!) Today when I arrived, I bent over to Mom in her chair to hug her and give her a kiss, she told the aide that I was her daughter, but as we visited, she asked if that Stacey was ever going to come for a visit. She wanted to go home today. "Let's go" she kept saying to Dad. She was tired and wanted to lay down. Soon we had the nurse come in to lie her down and she was off to sleep. Dad cried all the way out and a good part of the way home. It was a hard day! But I feel so blessed to be their by their side....even if it's one of the hardest things I have ever had to watch! It's a honor to be with them.

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  1. Stacey I love that picture of your dad and mom together. Even though I know it must be so painful for your dad they have truly shared something special. I remember how much in love they were years ago and that love looks like it has remained strong though the years. So sad that your dad's heart is breaking. Must be so very hard :(
    Hang in there