Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Siste Jaydeen Buhler from our ward is trying so hard to get me into geneology gear. She has found a story about my 4th great grandfather and his brother who brought this bell across the plains. Andrew Lamoreaux (my grandfather) and David found the famous "Nauvoo Temple Bell" that had been taken from the temple belfry tower during a battle to protect the remaining Saints and property in Nauvoo in Sept 1846 by a minister desiring to have it for his own church. They buried it in a boggy marsh, with only a piece of chain above the ground, so they could find it on their return. It remained there until my Uncle David was ready to leave Nauvoo. It was such a heavy load in his wagon, his family had to walk most of the way across the plains. This story makes me smile, because I can easily see my boys fighting to save something of importance in such a sneaky way! It's fun to see a part of the temple grounds become part of me in some sort of small way.

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