Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It was "Gramma" day on Tuesday and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful spring day! I needed to take a picture of the bell at temple square, so I decided to make a little field trip out of it. It really became a little easter lesson and was rather quite sweet! I asked the boys if they would like to see the temple and the stautue of Jesus and they both said yes. They wanted to see Jesus's house. Poor Talan was a little bit confused, cause he thought he was going to meet Jesus...hense the sour face in front of the statue. We talked about the different feeling inside the temple and gramma explained how this is the special spirit from the Holy Ghost that testifies of the truth that Jesus is the Christ and our big brother. Payson said, yeah, it does feel different in here and he just wanted to sit and look at the statue and paintings on the wall. We walked around the paintings as well. They also enjoyed the waterfall and fountains at the conference as well, however, boys will be boys and enough was enough....they wanted a playground! I had promised them a picnic and so we headed for a park. While uptown, I thought I would check out Memory Grove. Chris and Tahnie are thinking about their engagement pictures there, so I wanted to see what it looks like, it's been years. I also wanted to find the old house my Dad had been speaking about where he and Mom lived during their first years of marriage. I think I found it, but not sure...needed an exact address. Oh well, it was fun anyway! Memory Grove is a cute walking park, but not too exciting for the boys. So we headed to Murray Park, a favorite of ours. They LOVED playing on the equipment by the school and the only way to get them to leave is promise them a slurpee from 7-11. Talan would play and shout, "seven-eleven" in a sing song kind of voice. Pretty soon all the children were asking their Mom's if they could go get a slurpee...sorry Mom's. Gramma's gotta do what they gotta do! :)

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  1. Lucky grandkids! Temple, park...AND slurpees! Wow! I love memory grove, great place for pictures! Love ya!