Sunday, March 1, 2009

So the past few weeks of been TOUGH! My parents have been sick and 2 weeks tomorrow, we separated them, taking them both out of the hospital, Mom to a long term care center and Dad back to the Charleston by himself. Boy, if your heart has never broken, watch two people who have spent the past 61 years together deal with being apart!
Tonight Rick & I took my Dad to visit Mom. Mom was lying on the floor next to her bed....where she wanted to be and Dad asked her how on earth he was going to get down there to give her a kiss! After visiting for awhile, he crawled on his hands & knees to get next to her, just so he could touch her, run his hands through her hair and maybe get a kiss...she played hard to get with that part...! It was the sweetest thing ever. I wish I had taken my camera in. Tender does not describe it to it's best! Mom wants to go home where George can take care of her! My Dad could not hold it in! He just sobbed. What do you say to your loved ones, watching as their hearts are aching to be with another! Even when my Mom's mind is no longer with us, she know she wants her George!

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