Saturday, February 21, 2009

escape completely! Wow! what a fun filled week with some of our favorite people! Can we go back! Where's the buffett....where's the steward who picks up after us each time we leave our room...where's the soft sand and warm sunshine....oh man! Take me away again!
We traveled to Jamaica.....poured so we didn't even get off the boat...about the time we decided to try it, we would see some people get back on the boat from being out and about...soaking wet and freezing...not to appealing and the company was good on the warm, beautiful boat. The next stop was the Grand Cayman...what a beautiful island. Are there any that aren't? We chose to just chill on the beach this day....Dan was a bit quiet..not quite himself...and we missed the carefree Dan...he wasn't gone for long though! The pictures don't show much more than eating or chilling at the beach...that's about what we was sooo sooo nice to relax!
Cozumel was a beautiful place as well. We shopped a bit, and then found a taxi driver who suggested a private beach for us...what a treat. We paid him $20 something a person for the taxi ride back and forth, and was delivered to a beautiful beach with our own beach chair and all the special attention he could give us. He hooked us up on snorkeling with the fish food and equipment, would have a waiter at our side the minute we looked as if we were going to stand...just spoiled us and made the day for us! The last island was the private island owned by Princess the Princess Cayes. The water was so clear and blue! So beautiful. They had a barbeque set up and had all the fixin's for anything we could want to eat. Small shops along the beach and a little swap meet type along the outskirt where we had to show our passport to walk across...locals selling their crafts. I was a little antsy at this island and wanted to play...Rick joined me but the rest...well, a bunch of "old farts!" But I love them all! Couldn't ask for better friends who we hold so dear to our hearts! We always laugh and have such a good time when we are with them! I've waited to long to remember all the details..but they were all good! Such a fun experience and I hope that we don't wait another 10 years before we go again!

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