Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Disneyland was a blast! We left on Wed March 25th and came home on Sunday, March 29th. The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if Shawn & Ang could have joined us! We missed them....grown up world sure stinks sometimes when responsibilities get in the way of fun!
Mick & Brandyn took advantage of the vacation and left early Tues morning. They spent the day taking their time, checking out Las Vegas Bass & Bait, M&M World, and just enjoying some personal family time! It's been fun to watch them really grow into their own little family. I told Rick the other day that I'm not sure what it is...but it seems that Mick is more of a grown up lady now. And Brandyn this grown man with such a huge responsibility to take care of each of them. He does it so well! Not that they have been anything less...kind of hard to explain, but Mick's a beautiful woman with a darn cute family! We can hardly wait to meet littly Preslie!Payson is the little man of the house who is all boy... always our buddy and always so playful and full of boyish activity like hunting for snails...swimming...swimming some more when we were all soooo tired...then finally dropping where he stopped! It was such a treat for me to make sure he got to the "jedi training" at disney. Talan LOVED the characters! He would run up to them and just hug their legs, grab their arms and kiss them...just like they were his long lost friends! He truely enjoyed having his Dad around for the week.
Chris & Tahnie and cute little Kallie are becoming their own little family as well. It amazes me to watch Chris throw his entire self into this little family he will call his own. He is so selfless as he shares his love and support for both Tahnie & Kallie. Tahnie...makes us laugh with her goofy personality and willingness to stay happy and carefree with the kids. She will be a great teacher one day. I watched her as she spoke to other children at the park, one in particular that has special needs. She truely has a special gift! We're excited for her to join us "officially"!
Rick & I feel so blessed to have the great family that we do. It's a dream come true to play with them and be not only their parent, or grandparent, but their friend. They are truely who make me who I am...they complete me...corny, but true!

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