Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mickie planned a barbecue for a double date with Chris & Jessie and Jessie's sister (Brett & Jennilyn Wright)...So...that's what they did Monday Memorial Day night. Shawn & Ang had plans with her family so Rick & I were at home. I decided I better go see Mom. I missed Sunday. Rick didn't really want to go, and that's okay. Sometimes, I would rather go alone...only sometimes! I decided while I was out, I would head to the cemetery. I had planted a pot for Dad's and I haven't been to my Grandparent's for quite sometime, so I did the tour. Went to Dad's, Steven's, and Grandma & Grandpa's, then called Rick and told him I was picking him up to go to his Sister's grave. It's such a solemn visit, not sure how I feel about it. Mick kept asking me when I was going and I kept putting it off...haven't really made it a habit to visit...their not there. But it's a sacred place and I feel that when I'm there. I think I will make it a yearly thing now. Include the family if they want to come. I actually visited at Dad's, without a tear for the first time. Sadness, and longing for his presence, but knowing he's without pain now and that's good! And wondering....wondering when Mom will be able to join him. I wonder if he know's that plan or if he's in the dark as much as we are! Mom told me on May 1st that she was leaving in a month...I guess she changed her mind!

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