Monday, April 4, 2011


Just got on the tread mill at the a call..."Mom...I was just in an head's bleeding pretty bad".. you know..those calls that you just dread getting. He was just down the street and he was okay...other than the gash on his head. His car....not so much! He looked down at his stereo for just a sec...ran a red light....and bam....hit not just one car, but two. He's frustrated and says it is the worst timing...we reminded him it could have been so much worse. Kallie was not with him! Blessing number one! No one was taken to the hospital from the scene of the accident. Blessing number 2. Just property damage. Lives affected, but not changed forever! He's here with us at our place, no real bills, going to school.. Just a little bump in the road, a hurdle to get over. Just jump and roll with's all part of the dance! He said, "there goes Hawaii"...he leaves in 3 days. Why? we asked...the trip is paid won't change anything if you stay here. One of life's hard lessons we all have to learn. Just thankful he and everyone else walked away for this lesson! We're blessed and grateful he's really okay. He thinks this makes him look tough...what do you think?

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