Sunday, January 23, 2011

bye bye lefty ovary...didn't need you anyway!

first picture is the bad ovary...second is the good one...I think!
For the past few months, maybe 6 or more...I've had a pain in my lower left abdomen. I spoke to my general family Dr about it and he ordered all the 50 year old tests...colonoscopy, ultrasound...etc etc....and found a cyst on my right ovary...but wait, it's the left side that hurts. He suggested I speak to my OB. Oh good...I like him sooo much better..good ol Dr. James Roth. They looked at my reports and said they weren't worried about the cyst...pretty small, have it looked at in 6 months and if it's still there he'll remove it....hmmm...wait a minute, but what about this pain. He said, could be scar tissue caused from your hyterectomy in 2005, and I can remove it through a lapascopic surgery. Should we schedule you? I hesitated, didn't have any PTO left from work, and wasn't real excited about the could be I said, let me think about it. Maybe it will just go away. It didn't. It actually got worse. Several times, bringing me to tears and wondering....should I just go to the ER? But, I would take 4-6 ib-brokens, and it would ease up. Not ever really going away, but would just go into the background and I could ignore it. In November, it was real bad, and I called the Dr and they were ready to schedule surgery immediately, but PTO...ugh...I'm waiting until January. The end of December came, and I was I gave in and scheduled. First they gave me the end of January and I begged for sooner....she gave me 1-11-11....I grabbed it and was ready. So now I have one ovary and no pain! YEAh...other than it has kicked my butt and I'm not feeling like dancing yet. Off work until 2-7-11...yeaaah...hoping to feel stronger soon!

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