Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So after Uncle Frank's funeral, I was headed up to Logan to the burial, but something pulled hard at my heart strings. Payson had an end of the year program that afternoon, and we had just listened to Uncle Frank's tribute of family and priorities...I decided I needed to be with Pays that afternoon. The burial and dinner, just wasn't as big. Although it would have been fun to visit more with everyone, it just didn't feel right. Kind of like Uncle Frank, or someone was whispering in my ear...go to Payson...that's what counts right was going to hug my little ones as Uncle Frank would have. So after reaching Farmington, I got off the freeway and headed south to Mick's. I'm so glad I did. The look on Payson's face was SOOO worth it. I tried to get some pictures of me hugging him and Mick's little family...but we kind of suck at pictures, so well..again, use your imagination!

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  1. I think you made a perfect choice to go see your grandchild. Way to follow that prompting!