Saturday, February 27, 2010

gramma AND grampa day..YEAH!

"THERE'S NOTHING TO DO!" Just ask Pays...he's sooo bored...or just trying his hardest to get Gramma to give in and let him play the computer....!
Today, Mick had a training all day and Brandyn had school so we had the kids. I told Payson afte Preslie had her nap we would do something fun.. Mick called and told us about the Kid's safety Fair and it was free...Free is always good!(check out Preslie cuddlin with gramma! Yeah...she never does that! I rocked her to sleep for the first time in months! Awwee! gotta love it!
So we headed out there to see what was up. We checked it out on the internet and Pays said it looked fun! So Pays would say, we headed out the door. There was alot of sales stuff for all the "mommy & daddy's" there, but some fun stuff for the kids. Talan's main focus was getting his face painted. Believe it or not by his pictures, he's loving it and sat up in the chair like a big boy and told the lady all by himself what he wanted on his face. He wanted Batman! He can give some looks to kill...just like his Dad...but he was loving it all the same. They played golf, hit some balls, played disc whatever you call it...and Payson even held a big snake...ewwwee...Talan and I didn't want any part of that! It was a fun date with them! Preslie was awesome. Just loved sitting back in her stroller checkin out the people, except in the real crowded parts where all she can see are people's behinds...she gets a little cross at that point..who wouldn't!


  1. Looks like fun! I can't believe Pays held that HUGE snake!!! Talan's face looks awesome. I can't tell what Payson's is tho?

  2. RE: When will I know about the school thing? I'm just going thru the process. I haven't started interviewing yet. They are supposed to be contacting me soon to schedule the interviews and also to complete a couple more preliminary items. I've done everything I can so far so hopefully soon! Keep your fingers crossed!