Sunday, January 25, 2009

So here it is...the blog about us! Where do you begin. Rick & I have been together forever it seems. We've known each other 31 years in February and will be married 30 in August of this year. Seems like yesterday in so many ways...other ways it seems like a life time ago! He's my best friend as well as my "lover"! I feel so lucky to have him! He completes me!We've had a great life so far along our journey! The most rewarding of our accomplishments are the 3 kids who have now turned into 6, with 3 almost 4 grandkids. There's no greater blessing than family and we love that they have become these grown people that we not only love, but that we like and like to hang out with. Their our best friends! We love the fact that they love to call us to join them for dinner or a movie or just a simple game night. They are so much fun to be around! So after 30 years, where do you begin to share your life...I guess right here. 2009 will be a great one I'm sure as 2008 was.

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